RPA: mastering the technology in 6 points

Efficiencies of organisations

Investment Banking



RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is a technology that replicates a user’s actions with the ability to easily navigate and interact between different applications. In our increasingly digitalized environment, Robotic Process Automation is an opportunity to lighten the daily routine of employees, which is littered with small, repetitive manual tasks.

RPA, everyone is talking about it, but what is the difference compared to the previous waves of STP implementation?

A few simple questions to quickly understand the issues associated with this new wave of digitalisation

– What are we talking about?

– Why is everyone adopting it?

– How to implement it?

– What level of complexity?

– Where to use it?

– Which technological solution ?

Discover our answers in this Ailancy study !


Jérôme Charpentier

Partner - Corporate and Investment

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