Remote Customer Relations: the levers of transformation



Retail Banking


“Remote Client Relations” in Retail Banking goes beyond the historical challenges of optimising distribution costs by allocating resources according to the commercial potential of the targeted client base. It is now becoming a challenge of relational promise in its own right with ambitions to improve customer satisfaction.

At a time when customer relations are being digitised, relationship models are being transformed and the stakes are high in terms of satisfaction, we believe that this is one of the most structuring transformation issues for the banking sector in the years to come.

In view of these challenges, we wanted to address this subject through a study co-authored with our partner Suricats Consulting. It is the result of our feedback, and aims to provide you with the main lessons learned, to present our convictions on market trends, as well as to shed light on the use cases and best practices that we observe in this field.


Alexandre Bidaut


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