Perspectives and use cases of Robo Advisors in BtoB


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At the end of 2015 Ailancy published an overview of new players – the “Robo Advisors” – and their uses for the distribution of financial savings products. The last three years have confirmed the rise of these new tools.

These new digital technologies bring remarkable innovation to the sector thanks to intelligent algorithms and a new value proposition for the customer experience.

They allow to :

  • Optimise/automate asset allocation processes
  • Create new opportunities to address new markets
  • Transform and secure processes and improve the customer experience

In view of the rise of these new players, we wanted to address – at the end of 2019 – the theme of Robo Advisors by drawing on our experiences, our knowledge of the market and by basing ourselves in particular on two practical cases:

  • A “Proof-of-Concept” carried out with a player in the insurance world
  • An audit of the digital pathway set up to develop financial savings within a French bank

In this study, we cover Robo Advisors solutions for BtoB.


Séverine Le Vaillant

General Director Avanty

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