Online and offline customer journeys: how to reconcile them?



Retail Banking


With the digitalisation of the underwriting process, retail banks and insurers are facing a major challenge: understanding and exploiting the influence of online channels on offline sales. 

In other words, how to accelerate and manage the contribution of digital to sales in a multi-channel distribution context? This question is becoming more and more important as investments in Digital Customer are intensified and as the ROI of projects becomes difficult to individualise and measure. At the same time, the advent of the mobile phone creates a natural link between the Web and physical channels – particularly the telephone – and places the question of how to link these two channels at the heart of the debate. online-to-offline

The “online-to-offline” gateway presents real challenges in terms of digital marketing and pathway continuity. It is still little or partially exploited by institutions, but nevertheless constitutes a relevant response in terms of digital customer experience for the “brick / click & mortar” network players faced with the rise of digital “pure players” (online banks, neobanks, etc.). Beyond the digital / physical dichotomy, here is how to combine the best of both worlds.


Based on our experience and knowledge of the practices of financial institutions as well as of the customer relations and digital marketing professions, we wanted to address the issue of reconciling the online and offline paths in the context of a digitalized customer experience. We also outline the main challenges of implementing this type of digital project.

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Alexandre Bidaut


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