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With more than 140 highly skilled consultants, Ailancy is a Great Place to Work certified company, and is regarded as a top-specialist management-consulting fim specialized in the financial services industry. We are committed to hire the best talents while maintaining a nimble, agile and entrepreneurial culture in the pursuit of delivering tailor-made solutions to our clients. 

We want our team to grow and adapt continuously

Ailancy pays a special attention to the career path of its consultants, we promote and foster continuous learning and improvement, for example, through training courses, professional certifications, corporate mentoring, periodic feedback and follow-up processes.

Moving forward and evolving constantly also means recognizing everyone’s talents: as a fast-growing consultancy,  we highly value personal initiative, autonomy, delegation, light hierarchy and agile management. At Ailancy, you will also take part in firm-building and business development activities. Being a consultant at Ailancy means participating in an entrepreneurial and stimulating adventure!

We promote fun time and internal events

Marrakech, Napoli, Malaga, Faro ... each year, the whole Ailancy staff flies to a sunny destination that is kept secret until the departure date: that's our annual seminar! Alike, we enjoy hosting monthly internal events and activities for meeting each other in a funny and convivial atmosphere (such as, afterworks, urban foot, 10 km runs, ...).

A meeting place to share

We offer a great work environment for growing professionally

Ailancy’s consultants gain early exposure to a wide range of assignments, business topics and methodological aspects, to be able to lead and manage high-stake projects for our clients in France and internationally. Offering our consultants an enjoyable work environment is a key component of our corporate culture. We encourage regular meetings, feedbacks and experience-sharing moments with all the staff in order to nurture our team spirit, share friendly moments and strengthen our group’s cohesion.

Your career path: welcome to

With more than 140 highly skilled consultants, Ailancy is committed to hire the best talents and is looking for candidates with outstanding backgrounds and proven achievements. We welcome all levels of experience: from recent graduates to senior-level and management profiles. Find out our job offers in the dedicated section of our website!

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Fragile customers: compliance, profitability or solidarity, which support systems should be proposed?

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Since 2014, people in a situation of financial fragility have been defined by law as “fragile customers“. Faced with the economic crisis linked to Covid 19 and the growing importance of ESG issues among the population, the measures deployed by institutions must be under

Retrospective 2019 – Prospective 2020

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As the year 2020 begins, Ailancy invites you to relive the highlights of the financial industry in France. We invite you to discover our views and analyses through this retrospective of 2019. We also look forward to discussing the topics to be followed in 2020.

Negative interest rates: what impact for financial services?

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The European context of low, or even negative, interest rates has a strong impact on French and European banks and insurers. As their profitability models are based on positive interest rates, necessary changes must be made. The issue of charging for deposits and the limitation of investment in €u

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