Innovation and Fintech trends in Investment Banking – Volume 1: Capital Market


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In the past decades, Credit Investment Banking has undergone its most important and impactful transformation through Technology. During this third innovation wave – the “Market Digitalization” – 8 breakthrough technologies have emerged through various study cases.

Today, the Capital Market value chain shows one of the strongest integration levels of technologies amongst different Finance industries. Fintech are equally spread out across the 8 different chain links and mostly offer more process efficiency and cost optimization.

In this first volume of our study, Ailancy shares a detailed analysis of the levels of integration of the key technologies and associated Fintech in the current Capital Market industry.

This study takes a deep dive into the Capital Market value chain, it reviews the key Fintechs and the value they can bring to financial institutions.


Jérôme Charpentier

Partner - Corporate and Investment

Ali Djellalil

Junior Consultant

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