Generalization of PRIIPS on 1 January 2023: are you ready?


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On 1 January 2023, all packaged products will switch to the “DICI” and the new “SRI” risk ratings (including UCITS which were previously largely exempt).

One of the main impacts is the switch from SRRI to SRI, with the change in the calculation method, the volatility ranges associated with each rating and therefore rating changes to be anticipated for certain financial products.

Changes in rating are to be anticipated!

Thus, institutions using risk models or model portfolios based solely on the “SRRI risk rating” should consider a change in method and henceforth rely on the actual volatility


Yannick Gaillard

Partner - Wealth Management

Henri O'Quin

Senior Manager - Wealth Management

Vincent Moreau

Partner - Investment Services & AM

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PRIIPS, standardisation of prior information

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The European Commission has been working since 2009 to improve market transparency for retail investors and to strengthen consumer confidence in financial markets. In line with the UCITS DICI imposed on management companies since 2012, the PRIIPS Regulation aims to provide clear and precise informat