Fintechs retrospective 2020 – 2021: an ecosystem in consolidation driven by new trends despite a climate of uncertainty

Innovation & Digital

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Ailancy’s Innovation & Digital practice offers you its 2020-2021 Fintech retrospective.

The Fintech ecosystem remains dynamic in Europe despite the COVID crisis and is marked by new models of cooperation based on Open Banking, allowing a review of the producer/distributor approach, materialising a gradual erosion of the boundaries between industries.

The year 2020 was marked by significant fundraising and the emergence of European unicorns, reflecting a “fly-to-quality”, with European nuggets attracting investors to the detriment of start-ups.

This study provides a first level of analysis on the major trends for the year 2020 as well as the dominant countries and sectors in terms of fundraising. This study also provides a macro view of the prospects for the coming year, particularly in terms of open banking and sustainable finance.


Ghislain de Broglie

Associate Partner - Innovation & Digital

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