EIFR workshop with the support of Ailancy – Shareholder transparency: the attractions of a new IPT (Identifiable Bearer Security)

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Shareholder transparency is not just a regulatory issue!

It is in fact about strengthening the commitment and responsibility of shareholders in corporate governance. In order to exercise this responsibility, potential obstacles between the company and its shareholders must be reduced at each stage where acts of governance may be carried out. This must enable shareholders to better understand the company’s strategy and to participate more in decision-making, general meetings, votes, etc. This clearly requires companies to be better acquainted with their shareholders, particularly bearer shareholders.

This is the purpose of the SRD II (Shareholder Rights Directive), which aims to encourage long-term shareholder investment, enhance transparency between investors and issuers, and facilitate the exercise of shareholder rights.

France is particularly advanced in this area of capital structure information via the TPI service, which is well known to companies listed on Euronext. The aim is to make this service a real asset. To this end, work has been carried out within the framework of the “Investor Transparency” working group led by Euroclear, and significant changes are planned: modernising this service using new technologies, reviewing its business model and pricing, increasing its efficiency and the potential of identified shareholders, etc.

Euroclear France and our custodians are mobilised (via AFTI). This seminar will provide an opportunity to review the new shape of this service and its competitive positioning.

To find out more about the shareholder transparency aspect of the SRD II (Shareholder Rights Directive), register for the EIFR workshop organised with the support of Ailancy:


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