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With the rapid development of digital technology and the risk of a growing environmental footprint, companies need to be aware of the environmental impacts of their IT and quickly implement strategies to improve their footprint in the long term.

In addition, the environmental performance of companies is under increasing scrutiny, particularly as a result of public awareness of climate change issues. Measuring the carbon footprint is therefore an essential issue for companies today.

We are therefore convinced that the carbon footprint is an essential indicator for companies and CIOs concerned about their public image and their impact. We believe that it is a key indicator in the context of a Green IT approach, and requires in-depth analysis and detailed monitoring in order to be fully valued. This is why we believe that both a qualitative and quantitative approach to defining a Green IT strategy and transformation plan is necessary to significantly reduce one’s environmental footprint over the long term.

It is with this ambition that @Greenly and @Ailancy are proud to announce their partnership.

Come and discover our joint approach Ailancy x Greenly aiming to accompany you in your Green IT transformation plan.

We are at your disposal to present you this partnership.


Ghislain de Broglie

Partner - Innovation & Digital

Xavier Florent

Senior Consultant

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