Digital & Private Banking: a remarkable customer experience



Retail Banking


Faced with the multiplication of digital uses and a changing environment, the relationship model in banking, which is still very much marked by the value of face-to-face contact, may be evolving, with impacts on segmentation and commercial organisation.

Thus, the new customer relationship models in private banking now seem to revolve around the following issues:

  • How to convey a “high-end” image on remote channels (web client space, mobile banking, etc.) and beyond (private banker’s tablet, use of video conferencing, telepresence, etc.)?
  • Which services should be offered online and for which customers?
  • How to adapt its segmentation to suit customer usage and secure the profitability of its operational model?
  • What are the impacts on the commercial organisation?

In order to answer these questions, we present you with the material from our Ailancy Conference “Private Banking & Digital: Extending a Remarkable Customer Experience” of 19 May 2016 on the new customer relationship models in private banking.


Séverine Le Vaillant

General Director Avanty

Sébastien Fauveau

Partner - Insurance

Olivier Lehoucq

Partner - Retail Banking

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