COVID-19: 6 levers for a successful digital transformation of your credit industry


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With the sudden arrival of the virus and the implementation of containment measures, economic activity has slowed considerably over the last two months, directly impacting production and outstanding loans. Nevertheless, credit institutions have been extremely reactive in supporting their clients during this period of crisis, implementing safeguard measures (EMP, deferral of maturities, etc.) in record time. They were able to respond to this exceptional event.

However, this stage also revealed the urgent need to digitise the business in order to respond to the digital uses favoured by customers and perfectly aligned with the new requirements of social distancing.

In order to help you define your new roadmap and accompany the gradual relaunch of your business, we are making available to you our study “Boost your credit offer”. Based on 6 action levers, it lists the best practices of the market illustrated with concrete cases tested by the most innovative players: new “open banking” distribution models, digital customer paths, sales promotion, improvement of operational efficiency, use of subcontracting and risk assessment.

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Ghislain de Broglie

Associate Partner - Innovation & Digital

Olivier Lehoucq

Partner - Retail Banking

Guillaume Chivot

Senior Consultant

Clémentine Ravion

Senior Consultant

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