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Many financial institutions wishing to strengthen and promote the culture of some of their business lines are faced with three main difficulties: insufficient internal communication, poor knowledge sharing between employees, and a lack of dedicated leadership.

This is particularly true of business lines such as purchasing, marketing, risk, compliance and innovation. This complexity has a negative impact on the performance of the business line in question (loss of time, poor use of resources and means made available, unnecessary expenditure, disengagement of employees, etc.).

Large groups are particularly affected, due to their size and the large number of entities that make them up. And this phenomenon is currently amplified by the health crisis, particularly through an increase in the isolation of employees (resulting from teleworking).

To best respond to this challenge, the establishment of communities makes particular sense. Major groups such as BNP Paribas, BPCE and BMCE Bank of Africa have embarked on this community approach.


Etienne Jaouen

Associate Partner - Finance, Risk, Compliance, Data & Sustainability

Guillaume Chivot

Senior Consultant

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