Banking CRCs & digital: how will they evolve by 2020?


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What are the prospects for banking Customer Relations Centres by 2020 in a context of digital transition? How will they take advantage of digital technology to reinvent remote customer relations? How can they play a pivotal role in cross-channel distribution? Why will they become the preferred contact for “digital friendly” and remote customers?

The digital transition has enabled the emergence of new forms of multi-channel distribution of banking services thanks to the continuous diversification and coexistence of contact points and remote sales channels within institutions.

This distribution strategy must now be able to integrate and articulate the various channels used, while rethinking the bank’s services and relationship model with regard to the digital and remote customers who are becoming the norm.

In this context, the Customer Relations Centre (CRC) is in a position to take advantage of new customer uses and the possibilities offered by digital technology to reinvent the remote customer relationship and optimise distribution costs: it is the relevant lever to assert this expertise and activate this opportunity.

This ambition implies initiating a process of transformation of the banking CRCs which underlies many issues: organisational, technological, commercial, operational, HR, etc. Banks have a range of possibilities to give their CRCs a new impetus and make them the cornerstone of their distribution strategy.

Based on our experience and knowledge of the practices of banking and financial establishments as well as customer relations professions, we wanted to address the theme of the evolution of Customer Relations Centres in the context of the digital transition of banks, in the pivotal role of cross-channel distribution that they are expected to play by 2020, so much so that their positioning is becoming a strategic issue.


Christophe Davies

General Director

Alexandre Bidaut


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