Ailancy lighting : KYC and digital identity

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The banking and insurance sectors have been going digital for many years. The COVID 19 crisis was a significant accelerator of digital uses. However, digital trust needs to be strengthened in order to limit remote identity fraud (e.g. digital manipulation of “deepfake” videos)

In this context, digital identity will play an important role, particularly within the KYC process.

Through this study, Ailancy wishes to enlighten decision-makers on the main concepts, regulatory and operational issues and share our convictions on KYC and digital identity. In addition, we would also like to share our vision on the new requirements for remote identity verification providers (PVID) and on some of the candidates for this certification: Ubble, Ariadnext, IdNow, AR24…


Guillaume Louvet

Partner - Finance, Risk, Compliance, Data & Sustainability

Etienne Jaouen

Associate Partner - Finance, Risk, Compliance, Data & Sustainability

Raphaelle Parra


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