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About Ailancy

Ailancy is an organization and management consulting firm specialized in the fields of banking, finance, and insurance.

With over 500 missions accomplished since it was founded in 2008, Ailancy is the partner you need to raise to the challenges your business faces by helping you develop the strategies necessary to successfully managing your transformation projects.

Our firm will help you build the future of your business

Ailancy provides you with an independent and objective vision that will help you prepare for the future and implement successful change management tactics.  You can count on us to guide you both in France and abroad.

Our personalized advice and pragmatic approach allow us to clearly identify strategic decisions and carefully manage our intervention even in complex work environments.

Our goal is to become a professional reference point

We hope to build lasting relations through our sustained commitment to you, our drive to continually strengthen our expertise, our steady and controlled growth, and our desire to share the fun and dynamic moments that go into working together.

These are the pillars behind our goals and ambitions as a firm!


Strong convictions for an original vision

We do not hold any preconceived ideas, but rather strong convictions on how a consulting firm for the Financial Sector should operate.

Building the future through innovation requires ideas, beliefs and a clear understanding of where on stands.  Ailancy cultivates intellectual curiosity and openness by promotes and encouraging its consultants to take initiative.


We stay on the verge of new issues by sharing our convictions through publications and conference we give on the different market trends and the kinds of challenges the financial sector will face tomorrow.

We foster trust with our clients through transparency and loyalty

Ailancy bases its growth and development on the kind of relationship that engenders trust and loyalty from its clients through close and personal bonds that promote a shared transparency and honesty.

The complete independence of our firm, which is ensured by complete ownership by our management, keeps us from any conflict of interest with our clients.

A tradition of efficiency to achieve long-lasting results

Knowledge of our client, the importance of achieving results, the ability to persuade, and the means to implement and complete projects is what characterizes our consultants.

Profound understanding of our clients’ business and of the market in which they operate allows us to build relevant, customized, and sustainable solutions.